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These are the projects S.H.A.F plans to launch in the near future.



We are currently working with Gaunaddog Girls School in Comilla, Bangladesh. Our proceeds are going to improving the facilities and equipment at this school, particularly developing and advancing the IT department. Through improving and providing them with newer equipment (laptops, routers, panels, etc) and providing them with lessons on different computer science/computer applications, our main goal is to provide these girls with an enriched education that will serve them as they build their careers. We also look to create scholarship programs for vocational training that will encourage and motivate students to study and perform in school.


We are helping fund Agami's School Program (http://www.agami.org/programs). Our School Program enables the successful operation of 18 primary and high schools across Bangladesh in 2016. Working closely with individual schools we identify the greatest areas of need for each institution and act accordingly. Some examples include implementation of a lunch program at schools, improving education quality, etc.Click here to read more about School Programs.




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