My name is Shafieen Ibrahim, and I am the founder of S.H.A.F. I am currently a freshman at Cornell University. One of my biggest beliefs is philanthropy and helping the less fortunate in any way I can. I decided to take action by learning effective ways of giving aid.

In 7th grade, I took an online course offered by Stanford University about philanthropy and charity, and I received a certificate of completion. In my sophomore summer, I took a 3-week course at Brown University entitled Economics of the Underprivileged: Starting Small to Make a Big Difference in the World. I learned the economic and political situations of poor people and their countries; afterwards, I attended a summer program at my school, Wharton@Harker Soar, which taught me a lot about business and entrepreneurship. I learned the necessities behind running a business and while I still have much to learn, these programs taught me how to strategically send aid to maximize the benefits that the poor receive and to expand and grow my company. In my junior summer, I took two 2-week courses at Brown University, Econometrics: Statistical Tools to Understand Economic Data and Visualizing Your Data: Graphical Programming in R, learning about statistics applied in economics and data, and how to visually plot and interpret data in a programming language called R.

I was born and brought up in America, but my parents are from Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a developing 3rd world country in southern Asia. Many people are without jobs, shelter, or food. As a child, I spent 2 years living in Bangladesh. Going to elementary school in the morning and driving to different places, I always saw through the window families wandering the streets seeking for money and clothes. Mothers often carried around infants and small toddlers by their sides, without any warmth or clothes. Seeing this often made me cry as I wondered how these families would survive. Now, I look to help these families that are on the streets suffering from hunger and poverty. S.H.A.F Inc. also looks to help underdeveloped rural schools in Bangladesh, especially enabling girls to have careers in I.T. careers through the necessary resources and education.

My Press Releases:

My Awards & Certificates

7th Grader Raises $351 for Tablets for Poor Bangladeshi Schools


2014 Amateur Team West Championship Team


2014 Chicago Open Champion


2013 California Class Warfare Champion


2013 KidLead Graduate


Bay Area Bangaldesh Assosciation Newsletter August 2014


My Experiences:

Soar@Wharton Business & Entrepreneurship Summer Camp

Directed Official USCF Chess Tournament

Summer@Brown Economics of the Underprivileged Course

Coursera Philanthropy Class Certificate

Summer@Brown Econometrics Course

Summer@Brown R Programming Course